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Retirement Market Overview

Today’s Retirement Landscape

New Challenges Arise as Retirement Needs Evolve

In today’s economy, planning for retirement—and ensuring you’re making the right decisions for your situation—is a complicated process.

Americans are living longer, and many retirees are outliving their savings. As life expectancy increases and the retirement burden shifts to individuals, there is a critical need for effective retirement solutions.

New Retirement Challenges

The Pitfalls of Current Retirement Options

Current retirement options often fall short. Savings accounts and CDs typically offer low rates with limited benefits. And other investment options come with risks that can be especially problematic for retirement-aged individuals, including stock market volatility, interest-rate risk, and credit risk.

Annuities have a number of features that can help address some of the pitfalls of other financial products used for retirement.

Evaluating Retirement Income Options

Spotlight: Fixed Annuities

Most Americans do not prioritize retirement early enough, which is why many traditional options do not fully meet the financial needs of retirees today.

Fixed annuities are designed specifically to benefit those who are already retired or nearing retirement age.